Conducting innovative research on climate change-related health inequalities in Canada

Current Projects

Climate Change and Children’s Health: Exploring Temperature Extremes and Paediatric Emergency Room Visits in London, Canada

One consequence of climate change is the anticipated increased frequency, variability, and length of temperature extremes. These events have measured effects on the population, not limited to direct injury and death from extreme weather events, water contamination and gastrointestinal illness, and heat-stress. Children are among the most vulnerable groups for these adverse health outcomes related…

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Longitudinal Effects of Neighbourhood Environmental Factors on Children’s Health: Development of the Paediatric Healthy Living Index for Southwestern Ontario

Certain groups of children in our region, such as those from low-income families or children from certain ethno-cultural minority groups, face greater health problems compared to other children. The processes in which children gain advantages and disadvantages during childhood and then throughout life are affected by factors within their social, built, and natural environments. Neighbourhood…

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Past Projects

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