The Climate Change and Health Collaborative (C2HC) is a collaborative group of researchers, clinicians, and public health professionals who are passionate about reducing the effect of climate change on health, specifically among vulnerable populations.

As the climate crisis continues to worsen, identifying different sensitivities across vulnerable groups is imperative to reduce the disparities in illness and death. Currently, there is limited Canadian research that focuses on climate change-related health inequalities. In particular, the findings generated by C2HC will provide policy-relevant information on how vulnerabilities vary across and within urban centres across Canada. We will use our research to inform local hospital, community-practice, and public health programs and policies, and in turn improve the quality of life of those living in urban areas.

C2HC's Mission

Conduct innovative research on climate change-related health inequalities in Canada
Foster collaborative action on issues related to climate change in Canada and internationally
Establish a unique pan-Canadian perspective on how climate change affects health among residents of large urban centers
Maintain and develop relationships with researchers, clinicians, health care professionals, and other stakeholders who have interests in reducing the health effects related to climate change

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